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Did you know Alexandria Professional Body Sugaring™ paste is so natural, you can actually eat it? And, when it comes to hair removal, Alexandria Professional Body Sugaring™ is consumer’s number one choice. .

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The Art of Body Sugaring

When choosing First Impression Hair & Body Studio as your sugaring destination, allow us to make an impression for any of your hair removal requirements. Expect our studio to be exceptionally clean - always. Expect our certified professionals to provide high standards of educated service. Expect chemical free, natural Alexandria Professional Sugaring products, for your permanent hair removal goals. Expect our expert techniques and thorough perfectionist performance for every sugaring treatment. Expect very minimal discomfort, even for highly sensitive skin types. Expect Alexandria Professional Products to effectively remove dead skin cells at every sugaring treatment. Expect a special application of Hungarian Wellness Mud to be applied for every Brazilian procedure, always. Expect no more rashes, redness, or ingrown hairs after our expert treatments with Alexandria Professional Products. Expect to be amazed and impressed with your results every time.

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How it works

The sugar paste is applied at room temperature. The sugar paste seeps below the mouth of the follicle, extracting in the direction of growth causing less pain and irritation upon extraction. It will exfoliate the dead skin cells and prevent in grown hairs, improving the condition of the skin. No need to grow your hair as we extract at 1/8 inch or less. Extraction of the hair at 1/8 or less on a regular basis can lead to permanency. Alexandria Professional® Advanced Technique Sugar Paste is by far the best quality paste on the market. Allowing the practitioner the ability to customize the sugar paste for each individual and area of the body. It has superior seepability, allowing extraction of the most resistant hair, which means less effort for the practitioner resulting in less discomfort to the client’s skin. These benefits allow the practitioner to maintain the standard of "The World Leading Experts in Body Sugaring" service. Body sugaring the world since 1989

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Prepare for Treatment

For best results, do not exfoliate the day before, the day of or the day after treatment. It is best not to tan or exercise prior to treatment. No cream or lotions applied 24 hours prior to your treatment. The exception to this would be Restore™ Hydrating Lotion. We suggest you do not schedule your appointment while on antibiotics, if you think you may have a virus, or on your menstrual cycle, as you may be more sensitive to body sugaring. Do not use razors or depilatory creams between treatments, as this will interfere with your goal to refine and diminish your hair growth and to have smooth healthy skin. Soak in Salt Spring™ cup for 20 minutes, then exfoliate in the opposite direction of hair growth using spa massage gloves. Regularly cleanse with diluted Presept™ Cleanser, apply Essential Tonic™ and hydrate with Restore™ Hydrating Lotion. This will ensure your skin is in the best possible condition pre- and post-treatment.

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Post Treatment

We recommend waiting 24 hours before exposing your skin to the sun or infrared lamps. Avoid perfume soaps or products with chemical irritants and make up 12 hours following a facial treatment. Do not apply any of your own creams or lotions for 24 hours. Following your bikini, chest, or back treatment, your Alexandria Professional Practitioner will apply Mud Puddle™ Hungarian wellness mud and Essential tonic™, this will reduce inflammation and calm the skin. Restore™ Lotion will then be applied to hydrate the skin. We recommend soaking in a half-cup of Saltspring™ Dead Sea salt for 20 minutes the day of your treatment. This will clean out the follicle, detoxify, and hydrate the skin. To keep your skin in optimal condition following Body Sugaring™ treatments, Saltspring™, Presept™, Essential Tonic TM and Restore TM Lotion should be used on a daily basis. Ask your Certified Alexandria Practitioner about our pre- and post-care treatment products developed specifically for your Body Sugaring™ treatment. It's not just about the hair; it's about the condition of the skin. Remember: extraction of the hair at 1/8-inch or less on a regular basis leads to permanency. Book appointments at 1/8-inch hair growth for maximum results.


Choose Sugaring over Waxing
Choose Sugaring over Waxing
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I did my due diligence research to obtain information for the best possible sugaring technician in Medicine Hat, as I did not want to go back to any more painful wax treatments and believed there was a better solution than waxing. I wanted to know the sugaring technicians experience, thoroughness, cleanliness, cost and product quality. After doing an initial telephone interview with Charlene at First Impression Salon, I booked a French bikini appointment with her. She did a fantastic sugaring job, using highly recommended “Alexandria” products and I was completely comfortable. So comfortable and impressed in fact, that I decided to continue regular appointments for Brazilian sugaring and now also full leg! (I never, never, ever thought I could possibly be comfortable enough to proceed with a Brazilian - but you too will feel completely comfortable with Charlene). The experience is very respectful and thorough. Personally, I would never choose to go back to wax treatments. Sugaring is far less painful, no redness, no tenderness and rarely ever an ingrown hair (only if I don’t properly exfoliate between appointments)! This salon is exceptionally clean and the staff are very down-to-earth friendly. I had never heard of this salon and had never met any staff prior to my first visit. I am very happy to have discovered the “best kept secret salon in Medicine Hat”!!!! You will too!
Spectacular Service
Spectacular Service
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Charlene's sugaring services are absolutely SPECTACULAR, and here's why: – She is the first ever technician I have ever been to that has products on hand to holistically take care of your skin pre- and post-sugaring, and the products and her sugaring services in general are reasonably priced (you get a punch card for some of the products too)! – She takes her time = very little to no redness, swelling, or complications such as ingrown hairs or infected pores! – She is a wonderful person who made me feel extremely comfortable with the process of hair removal, and is totally okay with sitting in silence for a bit so she can concentrate and you can enjoy your experience (yes she makes it possible to actually enjoy a sugaring experience)!!! I recommend her 10/5 (obviously not enough stars on here), so just thank yourself and go ASAP!
Painless Hair Removal
Painless Hair RemovalAng
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I've had bikini waxes before, but the pain has always been too much to even consider a Brazilian. Until I found Charlene! Her technique is amazing. The bikini wasn't painful at all, so it was only a small step to go to a Brazilian. It's amazing!
Relaxed Atmosphere
Relaxed AtmosphereDarlene
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My husband Willie and I have been going to Charlene for years. We appreciate her knowledge of her hairdressing craft and how she likes to stay updated with all the newest cuts and colour trends. I trust her with a high prized possession: my hair! First Impression is a very professional and relaxed atmosphere where I feel pampered. Thank you, Charlene; keep up the great work.
The Results are Excellent
The Results are Excellent
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I love the environment at First Impression, it’s relaxing. Charlene and the staff do an excellent job making me comfortable and relaxed each time I go. When I am there for a hair appointment Charlene is always offering water and coffee, she also has an awesome massage chair that you can sit on while you are waiting for the hair colour to set. You are getting a free massage while getting your hair coloured. It’s awesome. I also have had gel nails done at First impression plus body sugaring. I will never go back to the razor again. The results are excellent, very impressive. There is so much that First Impression has to offer, I definitely recommend this place to everyone.
Two Thumbs Up!
Two Thumbs Up!E.
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I had a friend recommend Charlene when I was talking about my last Brazilian and having to do my own hair removal after my appointment and I am so glad that she did! Charlene takes the extra time to ensure you are happy with the result and goes above and beyond for customer satisfaction! Her products are also superior and were much less painful than my prior experiences; she is also very friendly and makes you feel relaxed. I wouldn’t hesitate in passing on this recommendation!